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SkyOne and The Mob's excellent adaptation of Hogfather cause quite a stir when it was first broadcast. It produced the biggest audience that SkyOne had ever witnessed before. Sky were so impressed that they are currently working on The Colour of Magic / Light Fantastic.

It's the night before Hogswatch. And it's too quiet. There's snow, there're robins, there're trees covered with decorations, but there's a notable lack of the big fat man who delivers the toys... He's gone. Susan the governess has got to find him before morning, otherwise the sun won't rise. And unfortunately her only helpers are a raven with an eyeball fixation, the Death of Rats and the oh god of hangovers. Worse still, someone is coming down the chimney. This time he's carrying a sack instead of a scythe, but there's something regrettably familiar... Ho. Ho. Ho. It's true what they say. 'You'd better watch out...' more info...

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The Colour of Magic / The Light Fantastic


In the ciry of Ankh-Morpork, things are going badly for failed wizard Rincewind (David Jason). Recently expelled from the Unseen University. Rincewind reluctantly accepts an offer to guide hapless tourist Twoflower (Sean Astin) on a journey across Discworld, unknowingly setting in motion a chain of events that threaten both their safety and the existence of the Disc itself.

With Rincewind's arch-enemy, the bloodthirsty Trymon (Tim Curry), in hot pursuit, can the inept duo save themselves and Discworld from destruction? more info...

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Going Postal

Moist Von Lipwig is an exceptional con artist faced with a difficult life-choice: the hangman's noose or Lord Vetinari's (Charles Dance) offer to become Ankh-Morpork's next postmaster.

Hoping for an escape Lipwig (Richard Coyle) chooses the Post Office, but soon discovers that it's understaffed, overflowing with undelivered mail and notoriously hazardous to a would be postmaster's health.

But you can't keep a good conman down and, despite the best efforts of Clack's Chairman, the devious Reacher Gilt (David Suchet), Lipwig is determined to turn around the fourtunes of the ailing postal system.

It's not going to be easy, but assisted by Junior Postman Groat (Andrew Sachs), pin-obsessed Stanley (Ian Bonar), beautiful chain-smoking Adora Belle Dearheart (Claire Foy) and an army of golems, there's a plan for a man who's prepared to push the envelope.

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Wyrd Sisters

Witches are not by nature gregarious, and they certainly don't have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly-regarded of the leaders they didn't have. But even she found that meddling in royal politics was a lot more difficult than certain playwrights would have you believe...

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Soul Music

Other children got given xylophones. Susan just had to ask her grandfather to take his vest off. Yes. There's a Death in the family. It's hard to grow up normally when Grandfather rides a white horse and wields a scythe - especially when you have to take over the family business, and everyone mistakes you for the Tooth Fairy. And especially when you have to face the new and addictive music that has entered the Discworld. It's lawless. It changes people. It's called Music With Rocks In. It's got a beat and you can dance to it, but... It's alive. And it won't fade away.

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Soul Music / Wyrd Sisters Box Set (The Discworld Collection)

Both Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters listed below in on box set with a copy of the paperback of Going Postal. more info...

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'Outside! What's it like?'
Masklin looked blank.
'Well,' he said. 'It's sort of big -'

To the thousands of tiny nomes who live under the floorboards of a large department store, there is no Outside. Things like Day and Night, Sun and Rain are just daft old legends.

Then a devastating piece of news shatters their existence: the Store - their whole world - is to be demolished. And it's up to Masklin, one of the last nomes to come into the Store, to mastermind an unbelievable escape plan that will take all the nomes into the dangers of the great Outside ...

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Johnny and the Dead

Not many people can see the dead (not many would want to). Twelve-year-old Johnny Maxwell can. And he's got bad news for them: the council want to sell the cemetery as a building site. But the dead have learned a thing or two from Johnny. They're not going to take it lying down... especially since it's Halloween tomorrow. Besides, they're beginning to find the life is a lot more fun than it was then they were... well... alive. Particularly if they break a few rules...

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Johnny and the Bomb

Mrs Tachyon the bag-lady is not the sort of person you'd normally choose to hang out with. But when Johhny Maxwell and his friends find her semi-conscious in an alley, the have to do something... as long as it's not the kiss of life. The more time Johnny spends with here the more he finds that Mrs Tachyon isn't the ranting old nutter everyone thinks she is. She seems to hold the key to different times, different eras - including the Blackbury Blitz in 1941. Suddenly now isn't the safe place Johnny once thought it was, as he finds himself bound up more and more with them. And as time shifts beneath him, and the shopping mall and TV aerials melt into air-raid sirens and ration books, Johnny wonders just how much changing the past can really change the future...

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