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Exclusive Casting News - Paul Kaye has joined the cast of The Watch!

Paul Kaye

Paul Kaye will be playing Inigo Skimmer

Inigo Skimmer was first introduced in The Fifth Elephant as a clerk. He was an unassuming balding man with a abnormally large head and small body topped by a bowler hat. He was later revealed to be an assassin with a rather special weapon as he had a razor blade sewn into the rim of his bowler hat. He also had a habit of ending his sentences with mhm-mph when talking.

Time will tell if they choose to have him with this weapon and this character trait in the TV series.

Of course this isn't the first time Paul has been in a Terry Pratchett role. He played Terry Pratchett in the BBC documentary Terry Pratchett: Back In Black and was also the voice of Terry in Good Omens.

Goblin perfomer revealed!

We exclusively revealed that the Henchmen pictured with Carcer below are actually Goblins in Terry Pratchett's The Watch Series by BBC Studios - When? What? How? Huh?

Goblin Henchmen

Now we can confirm that Goblin 2 is being played by stunt performer Shane John Kruger who has appeared in films such as Chappie.

Shane John Kruger

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