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Disc-Tober 2020 Art Challenge

Artists, amateur and professional have the opportunity to challenge themselves to fill the internet with images from the Discworld throughout October.

With 31 prompts to inspire your imagination, Disc-tober encourages artwork created using any visual medium.

You can crochet, sculpt, draw, paint, knit, photography, sew, collage, mosaic, felt, bake, go full digital or use any kind of visual art medium in our
Disc-tober challenge.

This is an artwork challenge with the emphasis being on visual artwork rather than poetry or fan fiction.

Disc-tober prompts

How can I take part?

1. Look up our daily prompt either by using the list above or by heading onto any of our social media channels - Facebook, Twitter or Instagram where the daily prompt will appear at approximately 9am UK time.

2. Create your artwork based on that prompt using whatever art medium you like.

Paint - Ink - Digital - Sculpt - Crochet - Sew - Knit - Bake - Whatever

Disc-Tober is all about making Art of the Discworld

3. You can do one a day or save them up and have a binge session.

Or you can just pick and do the ones you want to do.

4. Show the world or your cat. Totally up to you if you want to show everyone.

5. If you do want to help fill the internet with Disc-tober art, then take a photograph of your piece and upload it onto social media using the hashtags #disctober2020, #disctober and #discworldmonthly

6. Art should always be fun to do so remember to have lots of fun producing your contribution to Disc-Tober 2020!

At the end of each day we will choose our favourite and share it to show the world that amazing Disc-Tober artwork you've all produced.

Disc-Tober prompts

Please note that Disc-Tober is about creating Fan Art.

The regulations on copyright and intellectual property still stand with regards to Terry Pratchett's works and thus taking part in Disc-Tober does not give anyone authorisation to sell their artwork or produce merchandise based upon it.

You can read about how we protect Terry Pratchett's intellectual property and how you can contact Narrativia in our article Intellectual Property Guidelines for Fans