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Discworld Monthly - Copyright Notice

Discworld® is a registered trade mark of the Estate of Sir Terry Pratchett used under licence.

Discworld Monthly Name

Please note: Nobody else can use the Discworld Monthly name for any purpose without express written permission from both Jason Anthony-Rowlands and Narrativia.

Discworld Monthly Products

All Discworld Monthly products are produced and sold under licence from Narrativia Limited.

Discworld Monthly Logos

All Discworld Monthly Logos are copyrighted to Discworld Monthly. We do not permit anyone else to use these images in any way whatsoever.

Paul Kidby's Librarian Images

Paul Kidby gave us permission in August 1998 to use his image of The Librarian on the Discworld Monthly website providing it is clearly copyrighted to Paul Kidby.

Protecting and Preserving Sir Terry Pratchett's Intellectual Property

Since Sir Terry's death in March 2015 the Pratchett estate has been looked after by Narrativia and the legal team at Harbottle & Lewis. Harbottle & Lewis provided us with a legal letter (with permission to reproduce) which we have included on our website that explains what Intellectual Property is and how they look after it and also a set of guidelines for fans.