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About Discworld Monthly

Discworld Monthly is a free monthly on-line newsletter about the best selling author Sir Terry Pratchett OBE (1948-2015) and his expansive collection of brilliantly written novels. Discworld Monthly was created in May 1997 with the aim of keeping fans informed about the latest happenings in the world of Discworld and Terry Pratchett.

We publish information about: book releases, TV adaptations, Discworld plays, information about community events and reviews of new pieces of Discworld Merchandise and performances. Each issue we include readers' letters and when appropriate a small ads section so that you can have your say about Discworld related items or buy or sell that rare Pratchett item you have been coveting for years. We also try to include competitions as often as possible to give you chance to win some Discworld goodies and we like to challenge you each month with a small trivia section.

Discworld Monthly is brought to you by a small dedicated team of fans (we are all volunteers - nobody gets paid). If you would like to make a small, purely voluntary, contribution towards the upkeep of Discworld Monthly please feel free to make a donation to our paypal account or purchase some of our fully licenced Discworld Monthly products.

As well as the web and email versions of the newsletter we also offer two eBook versions of Discworld Monthly: The first formatted for the Amazon Kindle and the other formated for most other eBook readers.

If you would like to spread the word about Discworld Monthly you can add one of our subscription forms to your web page or simply add a link to http://discworldmonthly.co.uk.

We always need articles / comments / event and other information for the newsletter. Please send any ideas or information to oook@discworldmonthly.co.uk.

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